• Company

    Driving the future of virtual care
    through connected diagnostics

  • Founding team

    Michael Tu


    Claire Zhou


    Prasanth Bijjam


  • Select advisors

    Eric Shain

    Former R&D Leader,
    Abbott Diagnostics

    YiDing Yu, MD

    CMO, Verata Health and Founder, Twiage

    Craig Sampson

    Founder, IDEO Chicago
    and TBD Innovation

    Mike Regan

    CIO, Fogarty Innovation

    David Grenache

    CSO, TriCore Reference Laboratories

    Renee Cohen

    Founder and Managing
    Partner, Inflection Point

    Mark Fisher

    Principal, Mission
    Product Development

    Dan Steketee

    Managing Director,
    Cenotech Solutions

  • Partners & supporting organizations