• Reliable, rapid diagnostics for virtual care

    A self-service kiosk for simple, patient-initiated testing in community settings

  • What we test

    Bringing common point-of-care tests from the clinic to the community

    Respiratory illness

    In development


    Influenza A+B


    Future pipeline

    Strep A


    Chronic disease

    Future pipeline

    A1C for diabetes

    ACR test for CKD

    Lipid panel for CVD

    STDs & UTIs

    Future pipeline



    General urinalysis

    Substance abuse

    Future pipeline



  • Feeling sick?

    Get diagnosed and treated without
    stepping into a clinic or lab


    Tell us your symptoms using our online screening tool, and we order the right test for on-demand use at a kiosk near you

    Check in

    We direct you to our nearest location and provide a QR code that you can scan at our kiosk to check-in

    Collect & deposit

    Our kiosk dispenses your test kit and provides instructions on how to collect and deposit your sample

    Process & analyze

    Our kiosk prepares, processes, and analyzes your sample immediately -- delivering results in minutes, not hours or days

    Diagnose & treat

    We send your results to you and a remote physician, who will contact you about your diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Where to find us

    Coming soon to everyplace patients live, work and play


    Manufacturing plants, transportation/logistics hubs


    Pre-schools, K-12, universities/colleges

    Pharmacy & retail

    Pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations


    Community gyms, libraries, homeless shelters

  • Healthcare impact

    Getting patients to diagnosis and treatment faster at a lower cost


    Access 24/7 point-of-care testing at convenient locations near you

    Telehealth providers

    Make remote treatment decisions based on reliable and timely diagnostic results

    Employers & payors

    Lower costs by shifting in-person visits to virtual care and by automating testing